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What are interlocking paver? What good about it?

Interlocking pavers are a landscaping wonder, providing both beauty and functionality. But what ARE they, exactly? Interlocking pavers are a type of paver that can be used for many different applications, from patios and pathways to driveways and pool decks. They consist of individual units or 'pavers' that fit together like puzzle pieces to form a solid surface. This makes them sturdy and durable, perfect for areas that get heavy traffic. Plus, their modular design means you can create any shape or pattern you desire! So if you're looking for an attractive and versatile landscaping solution, interlocking pavers are definitely worth considering.

About the paver

By knowing what are interlocking pavers, you will appreciate the style and functionality of interlocking concrete paving that originated from Roman architecture. Nowadays the interlocking pavers is very common and durable products, it's not like regular concrete made, a strong hydraulic compression with high PSI making them solid and durable normally with proper installation it won't crack easy like stamp concrete. it considers non permanent installation which you can replace or repair easier in the future, There are 2 different type of installations which called Open Grade or Dense Grade.

Open Grade

 is better for area with drainage situation or Cold climate, Freezing during winter time can make them shift away little over time. but it can be fixed with joint sands or just part of area.

Dense Grade 

is old school method installation with road base compacted and bedding sand to level the surface which is good for warmer area 

The Clean Gravel will use for base installation, Which makes the Paver patio Solid and never develop any Problems in the Futures, The Base Gravel help water drain underneath the patio, best practices to use for Driveway Or raised Patio, The Labor and Materials are way more than the regular method with dense grade something you might need to consider and Set budget for it.

For Driveway or Property with Drainage Problem

Permeable Paver Installation

4" The Base is using Aggregate or Crushed Stones, and Regular Concrete sand use for Bedding Sand to level top Pavers, This is Simple Method to get it installed Which cheaper compare to Open Grade. but it good for Walkway or Flat surface Patio install about the ground level, Contact our certified installer at viewpoint landscapes and we will explain both methods .

For Patio, Walkway.

Regular Paver Installation

Paver Application

Pavers are a great choice for driveways because they:
1) Are durable and long lasting
2) Require little maintenance
3) Come in a variety of colors and styles
4) Add value to your home!

The cost to install Paver driveway  

1 Garage Driveway - $12k - $20K

2 Garage Driveway - $25K-$40K

Driveway application


Here are just a few reasons why you should consider installing a paver patio or pool deck this summer:
1) Increased home value – .
2) Increased functionality –
3) Improved aesthetics – 
4) Increased durability – 
5) Low maintenance – 

Around Swimming Pool Coping

Pool Deck Paver

Perfect look and durable with walkway paver installation



Custom build or raise to match hottub size with walls built in


Hottub paver

Perfect choice for low maintenance purposes


Patio paver

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