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Unilock Paver

2024 Paver Installation Price Guide – Colorado

Are you planning to upgrade the look and feel of your outdoor area? Installing a paver is an excellent way to make your home stand out from the others. Not only are they visually appealing, but pavers can also dramatically improve the value of your property. Plus, with so many options available today, finding one that matches your personal style has never been easier. To help you get started on this exciting project, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to 2023 paver installation prices that breaks down all of your options and provides insight into what goes into these installations. Read on for more detailed information about cost factors like materials, labor fees, landscape design considerations and more!

Let Start with Paver Prices

What you need to know about these benefits
– Compare pricing of top Manufaturers
– Get the best deal on your paver project
– Rest assured you’re getting the best price possible.
– Know that you’re making a wise investment in your home.

What we have available here in Colorado

Unilock Pavers

The cost for Unilock paver is a little bit higher compare to those local products like Belgard or Borgert due to freight and shipping costs but they are really unique and great quality pavers

Cost: Range between $12-$18 per sqft varies in size, shape, color and its availability

Labor: so for 100sqft paver typically cost about $1000 – $1500. 

Installation labor Cost for flat surface area and easy site access : $12 – $25 per sqft

Unilock is special with permeable paver installation pavers which is a perfect installation due to cold climate in Colorado.

Belgard Pavers


Unlike Unilock, Belgard is local and mostly available here in Colorado and It has its own system with so many nicer products
Cost: $10 – $18 per sqft 
Installation Labor: $12 – $25 per sqft

Borgert Pavers

Borgert is available here in Denver, Just like Unilock and Belgard, Borgert has its own unique and quality,

but seem like they don’t have many stone options

Cost: $8 – $16 per sqft

Installation Labor: $15 – $25 per sqft


Techo-bloc is new to Colorado, I can tell that their products are very famous in east coast, They do have so many great pavers and pattern want to try and be one of the rare customer here in Colorado using this product? Contact Us to get its pricing and availability.

Cost: $12-$25 per sqft

Installation Labor : $12-$30 per sqft

Oakville Stones

Its manufacturer based in Canada, Also they carry so many Natural Beautiful Looking Stones, Little more expensive because of Natural Stones unlike Manufactured Stones.

Just like Our flagstones here in Colorado. Can be laid just like pavers ( Drylaid) or ( wet concrete overlaid ), Their products are available here in Colorado. Want to try this product? with Natural Stone looking?  Contact Us

Cost: $15 – $40 per sqft

Installation Labor: $20-$35 per sqft

” Let us know if you are willing to add your products available here in Colorado. So we will update our site for it.”


What are details cost of installing Paver? and What included?

    Installing a paver patio in your backyard can be an excellent way to enjoy the outdoor space available. You can use this unique, customized solution to create a fun and relaxing outdoor environment for entertaining family and friends or just for spending quality time outdoors alone or with loved ones. However, before you get too excited about this upgrade, it’s important that you understand exactly what is included in the installation of pavers – especially when it comes to the cost.

Here are steps of installing paver patio or paver walkway and driveway and what you have pay for

Materials Cost Including

  1. Paver Costs  (sqft + 10% waste ) – base on its square footage + 10% waste if it does require cutting
  2. Base Materials – It can be Gravel for permeable installation or Class II Road  Base 100sqft Paver require  ~1ton base materials
  3. Geotextile – Lay between sub base soil and Gravel Base to prevent contamination and protect gravel base washing away overtime.
  4.  1″ Stone-chips or Sand – Apply after the base compaction need to be leveled perfectly before start laying pavers
  5. Polymeric Sands – Joint sand apply between pavers to protect weeds and get the pavers locking together. 1 bag covers about 20-50 sqft depends on how big the gap of pavers

So for average of 1000sqft paver :

avg Materials cost : $8234.00 – $14000.00 

Operating including 

  1. Delivery fee
  • so for 1000 sqft Paver it does require x2 delivery fees for pavers ( $200-$250 / trip )
  • 2 trips of gravel base delivery with 5 tons dump truck ( $100 – $150 / trip )
  • 1 trip of stone-chip or sand

   2. Fuel fee

  • Fuel cost for daily truck moving from shop to jobsite $30/day

   3. Pallet fee

  • $39/Pallet ( around 200 sqft pavers ) 1000 sqft its about $200 Pallet fees ( borgert )
  • $25-$30 ( Unilock / Belgard )

   4. Daily Clean up fee

  • 30 mins clean up at the end of daily task to make sure home owners are safe after construction
  • 2 members $60 – $100/day 

   5. Mobile toilet fee

  • $30/day

So average Operating spent to install 1000sqft about $4250.00 – $6540.00

Installation Labor

  1. Labor for Compacting Subbase
  2. Labor to carry and level paver base
  3. labor to operate equipment
  4. labor to installing pavers
  5. labor excavating and removing sub soil ( Removing  4″-6″ Sub Soil ready for gravel base )

for 1000sqft paver require about 200 – 280 hours

Labor are costly in Colorado especially in house training with experienced foreman $60-$80/hour, Field labor $25-$35/hour

so for 1000sqft paver labor cost about ~ $6540.00 – $10562.00

Company Overhead

  1. Employees Worker Compensation
  2. Business Insurance
  3. Accountant Services
  4. Estimating Process
  5. Equipment Repair / Rent

so Per 1000sqft of paver installation Company will have to spend about $3420.00 – $6540.00 to operate  and protect our customers during operation.

Profit Margin

Money left over after all the labor, overhead, materials, it’s about 10-15% of total project cost. 
so for 1000sqft Pavers Company will profit about $3560 – $5420 ( 10% reduction after taxes ).
so to install about 1000sqft of pavers patio you might need to budget about $24000.00 for low estimate to $44000.00 higher estimate base on standard and average paver costs.
I am hoping with all this information will clear out about the pricing cost for paver installation in Colorado. In order for us to run  better and healthy company  these costs must be included not just for our company also for customers we  work for. 
if you have any questions about installing paver patio at your property but not sure about the accurate cost, We are offering free estimate consultation feel free to contact us and we are willing to help. 

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