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Most frequent questions and answers

YES, Our Crews who are working at the company have worker comp covered. Our company is fully insured with general liability insurance.

We normally have 3-4 crew members working at the property for Landscaping project. sometimes if 2 crews gather together can be 6-7 guys at the property if that day requires lot of heavy labor 

Project Manger, Designer, Foreman, Crew Leader, Truck Driving , Field Labors

and it depends on which part of the job we are working that day in order to bring more or less crew member.

We take $50% total project upon signing contract. another 50% will separate by term based on how long the project will be completed. it can be 2 times , 3 times, 4 times – depends on how big the project will be.

Project Manger will discuss with home owner when the job will start. Soonest is 3-4 days but sometimes it takes 2-3 months. 

After got signed contract, We will be working on Permit, Materials Ordering. some part of the job might require subcontract like gas or electrical etc.

We will let home owner know if the job start later than scheduled.

Anyone who truly wants a nice landscape and knows the true value of caring for a beautiful home and property.

  • Somehow we are not the cheapest contractor in town trying to give cheapest estimate to get the job. Each company has different overheads , Crews and Equipment. if you are thinking looking for cheapest Cost. You are NOT my client. We are NOT the one who take the cheap price and used bad quality materials for our client. We are transparent in pricing the job. Materials, Labor Hours etc….
  • If you are in RUSH Getting  to your project and want us to break our policies 
  • Bad Communication  and Crucial with our employees at jobsite.


Yes,  We credit back 50% total design cost to our client when estimating contract signed.

with the design, not just home owner even our installers  can get

  • an accurate measurement to get to the job.
  • Better guessing for materials order 
  • Customer can visualize the entire project step by step.
  • Drainage can be done properly
  • Can see Stone colors & pattern with 3D sketch.




Yes, We are currently certified installing pavers and retaining walls with Interlocking concrete pavers and National Concrete Mansonry , also qualified and certified drainage contractors. Unilock Paver Driveway Installation.

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