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Luxury Backyard with water features and firepit built in .

BackyardPaver and Firepit
  • Client
    Rick Benoza
  • Completion
    January, 2022
  • Project type
    Backyard Flagstone Patio
  • Cost
    $80K- $110K+
  • Installation
    2 months

The yard was really slopped. the owner asked to raise it to build a patio. so the patio is higher and he can see the mountain view sitting on the patio.

its a nice modern looking patio. 

Outdoor Viewscapes' handling of our patio was outstanding and professional starting with the suggestions for our original plan to its completion. Our initial idea was a concrete sidewalk on the side of our house to the backyard, then to the patio. We originally planned to extend our patio by adding a deck. Kevin Nguyen recommended against the concrete sidewalk and wooden deck due to soil instability. He also stated that with weather conditions, especially dry, hot summers, that the deck would need to be rebuilt over time. He instead suggested using pavers for the walkway and patio. Initially he drew a rough sketch showing us what he would do, and then in a few days developed a professional, computer-designed plan. It included a fire pit, wall around the pit, a waterfall feature, and a raised patio to extend the small one provided by our builder. He built the patio extension at the same level as our current one, making going in and out of our house simple. It included terraced steps leading to the grass level of our back yard. Construction was also of excellent quality. His workers were professional, and extremely dedicated to the job. They worked very hard to compact the soil so as not have settling problems and used hi tech levels throughout the entire project. This project exceeded our expectations. It included accent LED lighting and a colored LED light behind the water fall feature. The pavers used for the sidewalk and patio added so much style to our backyard! Kevin Nguyen's vision and detail far exceeded what other landscapers provided. We highly recommend Outdoor Viewscapes for your outdoor needs. We were extremely pleased with their work!
Rick Benoza

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