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Renovate Entire Backyard
Broomfield, CO

Backyard Firepits, Water Features, Dry creek bed, Paver Walkway, Seating Walls

  • Client
    Russel Murray
  • Completion
    October, 2022
  • Project type
    Renovate and Redesign Entire Backyard
  • Cost
    $50K- $80K+
  • Completed
    2 months

There was grass and crack concrete patio, home owner decided to remove the exiting concrete and build the paver patio it was perfect decision adding water features, firepits.
The drainage was little bit difficult due to the slope and we discuss to get the drycreek bed installed so the backyard would be a larger planting bed that helps the entire property with drainage problem before. The entire project turned out really awesome, love it.

Russel Murray
Russel MurrayHome Owner
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Viewscapes did a great job on our major landscape/hardscape project! Kevin oversaw the entire project, working hand-in-hand with his crew, with great results. Also his suggestions and improvements on our designs were great. All in all, a great job! Highly recommend!

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