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Artificial Turf

Looking to replace your natural grass lawn with something a little more low-maintenance? Artificial turf might be the perfect solution for you! Seen by many as a more eco-friendly option than traditional landscaping, artificial turf can be installed pretty much anywhere and doesn't require any upkeep. Plus, it always looks freshly mowed! also due to COLORADO water restriction, There's reimbursement changing from real grass to turf to reduce water consumption.

Artificial Grass - The benefit and Cost

 The benefits of artificial grass can be tremendous. Artificial grass looks great without requiring much effort or time spent on its upkeep. This makes it a perfect solution for busy homeowners who don’t want to dedicate too much of their free time tending to a real lawn.

  • Increase Your Property Value
  • Drastically Reduce Your Monthly Water Bill
  • No More Mowing Your Lawn
  • Keep your yard green all year round

Benefit of installing Artificial Grass

  • Standard Cost Per 1000sqft: $10K - $15k
  • Elite Turf - 1000sqft $14k - $20K
  • Perfect for small areas without taking care of sprinkler system
  • Can be installed around playground, small front lawn, Pool Deck, Hot tub

Turf Cost

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